2016 Honda Pilot Upgrades Size and Fun

March 6th, 2015 by

new york honda leaseHere at Millennium Honda, we are starting to see new models roll in, with 2015 models, and soon enough, 2016 vehicles. One in particular has sparked a lot of recent interest, because it’s been refreshed, and is longer, but lighter, and is very popular. We’re talking about the 2016 Honda Pilot.

The 2016 edition of the vehicle is now 3 inches longer, but 300 pounds lighter, which means it will be efficient, while also giving you more room for storage and passengers in the already roomy interior. Also available on the 2016 Pilot is the Earth Dreams Technology engine, which is Honda’s new next-generation power plant that aims to be powerful, and eco-friendly.

Other new available features include the option of a six- or nine-speed transmission depending on the trim, and rear seat entertainment with DVD, Blu Ray, five USB ports, and an HDMI port to go along with a 9-inch rear screen for passengers to be entertained, or to make movie night in the car during a getaway camping trip.  No matter which one of the trims you choose, you’ll love it, because the Pilot is very fun to drive.

Until the 2016 model comes out, feel free to stop in and see us here in our Hempstead, NY showroom, and check out the new Honda lineup today.

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