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A vehicle purchase is a large investment. To protect your vehicle and extend its life, there are several tips to follow. If you want to know how to care for your vehicle and increase its lifespan, just keep reading.

2018 Honda CR-V

To get the most out of your vehicle, be conscious. Be careful when driving your vehicle to avoid accidents, potholes, speeding, or sudden braking. By accelerating and braking progressively, you are lightening the force your vehicle must handle, which allows the brakes and engine to last longer. Also, driving this way is fuel efficient and can save you money at the gas pump.

Another way to improve the life of your vehicle is to tune the engine consistently. Be sure to visit your local service garage for tune-ups, maintenance and part replacements. It’s important to receive regular oil changes, air filter changes, tire rotations, and so on. Not only will these maintenance procedures improve your vehicle’s lifespan, but they also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

When it comes to tire pressure, it’s important to keep your tires at the proper inflation levels. About 36 percent of cars on the road today are operating at an incorrect tire pressure. If you think your vehicle is one of the 36 percent, check your tire pressure with a tire gauge. The manufacturer recommended pressure is in your owner’s manual.

By following these simple steps, you can extend the life of your vehicle and get the most out of your investment. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a brand new car or a used car, these tips can come in handy. So, to find outstanding Honda vehicles available at affordable prices, consider shopping at Millennium Honda. Find our dealership at 286 N Franklin Street in Hempstead. In addition to selling cars, we also have a service department that can help you maintain your vehicle. We are here to help you get behind the wheel of a remarkable, long-lasting vehicle, so be sure to reach out to us today!

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